Explore Authentic Qatar at Al Wakrah Souq

Al Wakrah Souq

Did you know that Al Wakrah Souq offers a vibrant souq experience that showcases the traditional Qatari culture?

Tucked away in the south of Qatar, Al Wakrah Souq is a hidden gem providing a less crowded and more authentic traditional market experience than the popular Souq Waqif.

Whether you’re interested in immersing yourself in Qatari culture or simply exploring a bustling marketplace, Al Wakrah Souq is the perfect destination to experience the rich heritage of Qatar.

Experience Ramadan at Al Wakrah Souq

In Ramadan 2024, Al Wakrah Souq invites you to immerse yourself in the spirit of the holy month through various festivities and events. Hosted at the centrally located Souq Al Wakrah Hotel Qatar, this year’s Ramadan Fair promises engaging activities and cultural experiences meticulously curated by Qatar Tourism (QT) and Heenat Salma Farm.

Event Highlights

  • Craft Workshops: Delve into artisanal crafts with free workshops for all ages.
  • Educational Lectures: Gain insights into Ramadan’s spiritual significance and traditions through informative lectures.
  • Family-friendly Activities: Keep the little ones entertained with engaging Qatari arts and crafts workshops.
  • Cinematic Treats: Enjoy free movie screenings showcasing Islamic and Arab cultures, adding a cinematic flair to your Ramadan experience.
  • Explore over 40 stalls offering an eclectic mix of textiles, homeware, toys, arts and crafts, perfumes, and fashion items. Discover unique treasures and support local artisans while indulging in retail therapy.

Beyond the festive atmosphere of Ramadan, Al Wakrah Souq continues to enchant visitors with its everyday offerings. Explore winding alleyways filled with traditional markets, indulge in delicious cuisine at local eateries, and discover unique handicrafts and souvenirs at bustling stalls. Whether a stroll or a shopping spree, Al Wakrah Souq promises unforgettable experiences every day of the year.

Culinary Delights

  • Seafood Galore: Indulge in freshly grilled seafood delights at Danat Al Bahar BBQ Fish, a favorite haunt among locals and visitors alike.
  • Traditional Cuisine: Experience the rich flavors of authentic Qatari dishes at Al Fanar restaurant, boasting a captivating beachfront view.
  • International Flavors: Explore Italian delicacies at Mercato Antico, enjoy ice cream from Gharissa, or savor diner classics at Bennigan’s.

A Shopper’s Haven

Al Wakrah Souq beckons with an array of markets and shops, each dedicated to various products:

  • Local Crafts: Discover intricately woven carpets, handcrafted utensils, and vibrant textiles.
  • Traditional Products: Immerse yourself in the essence of Qatari culture with aromatic spices and unique souvenirs.
  • Support Local Artisans: Every purchase supports local businesses and artisans, ensuring a meaningful souvenir or indulgent retail therapy.

Historical and Cultural Marvels

Explore beyond the markets and discover Al Wakrah Souq’s historical and cultural treasures:

  • Abu Manaratain Mosque: Admire the architectural significance of one of the municipality’s oldest mosques.
  • Al Wakrah Old Souq Family Beach: Relax amidst old dhow boats and serene sea views, soaking in the tranquil atmosphere.
  • Pearl Roundabout: Delve into Qatar’s pearl diving heritage at this iconic monument, symbolizing the country’s rich past.

Convenient Transportation Options

Al Wakrah Souq is easily accessible by various transportation modes:

  • Private Car: Take Al Matar Street and Al Wakrah Main Road from Souq Waqif, with a travel time of 26 to 30 minutes.
  • Doha Metro: Hop on the Red Line South to Al Wakrah station, then continue via Metrolink 127 for a seamless journey.
  • Bus Route 129: Conveniently alight at the last stop and find a taxi to whisk you directly to Al Wakrah Souq.

Experience the allure of Al Wakrah Souq, where tradition meets modern convenience for an unforgettable Qatari adventure.

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What is Al Wakrah Old Souq famous for?

Al Wakrah Old Souq is known for being a traditional seaside market and a destination where you can experience Qatari heritage and culture. It offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and a relaxed atmosphere by the sea.

What time does Al Wakrah Old Souq open?

Opening time: Saturday, 8 am–12 pm

How old is the Al Wakrah Souq?

The Souq itself is a relatively new construction, opening in 2014. However, it’s built on the ruins of the old town, estimated to be over 200 years old.

What is the meaning of Al Wakrah?

The exact meaning of Al Wakrah isn’t definitively known, but some believe it translates to “small pond” or “little well.”

Which metro line is on Al Wakrah Old Souq?

The Red Line South of the Doha Metro reaches Al Wakrah station. You can take Metrolink 127 to get closer to the Souq.

How much is a taxi from Doha Airport to Al Wakrah Old Souq?

Providing an exact fare without knowing the time of day and traffic conditions is difficult.However; expect to pay around 100 QAR (Qatari Riyal) for a taxi ride from Doha Airport to Souq Wakrah [estimated]. You should check with local taxi services for the most up-to-date pricing information.


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