Who Are We?

Qatari Scoop belongs to a family of gazettes, bringing you stories and news from glorious Arab states. Our team consists of detailed researchers and professional writers who are extremely dedicated to bringing you well-researched and quality content that is both knowledgeable and entertaining.

The Qatari Scoop is built as a consistently refreshed blog with fresh and original content. The goal is to offer fun and illuminating articles for people to enjoy, mainly covering vital info for the two million ex-pats in the country.

What Do We Do?

The Qatari Scoop is not a one-of-a-kind blog idea but follows in the footsteps of other blogs in the Scoop family. What began as an idea years ago has come to be with this informative blog, with months of unwavering work behind the structure.

Qatari Scoop will take you on a journey to discover all Qatar offers – as a haven for millions of residents and ex-pats. Our vision is to unveil the true image of Qatar with this blog. This highlights all you can enjoy in this country, with its much-celebrated petroleum industry, high-quality living, excellent airports, and the remnants of a glamorous 2022 FIFA World Cup with Dreamers by Jungkook playing in the background. 

In this blog, you will enjoy many articles that will bring you the true image of the country and a whole lot more. Learn all the basics of the kingdom’s latest reforms, lifestyle expectations, and country law with our unfiltered and honest point of view on everything you want to see as it goes around in Qatar.

Why Choose Qatari Scoop?

Qatari Scoop is more than just a storybook to read when bored. Instead, it is an educational experience that is both fun and informative. We hope to keep it that way and touch base on all the topics that old and new timers in the country might want to know. 

Our community of writers consists of both expatriates in Qatar and a good mix of locals, so you get a first-hand learning experience about the country. Stay tuned for all the new articles, and explore our categories for fun and exciting info!

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