Qatar and Morocco Partner for 2024 Years of Culture


Qatar is thrilled to announce that it has chosen Morocco as its partner for the 2024 Years of Culture initiative.

This exciting collaboration will foster cultural exchanges and celebrate the rich heritage and innovation of both nations.

Throughout the year, more than 80 events will take place in Qatar and Morocco, showcasing the best of their cultural offerings.

Qatar and Morocco’s Strong Bilateral Relationship

Qatar and Morocco share a strong bilateral relationship that dates back to 1972 when they established diplomatic ties.

Over the years, these two nations have collaborated successfully in various sectors, including security, judiciary, and tourism.

This collaboration has not only strengthened their diplomatic rapport but has also resulted in shared economic growth.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ played a significant role in further strengthening the partnership between Qatar and Morocco.

As the two countries continue to work together in multiple sectors, their shared commitment to growth and cooperation contributes to the development and prosperity of both nations.

Years of Culture’s Vision and Objectives

Initiated by Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani in 2012, Years of Culture believes in the power of cultural interactions to create common ground among diverse societies.

The partnership between Qatar and Morocco in 2024 marks the first Year of Culture that Qatar celebrates one-on-one with a North African country.

Our vision is to provide the people of both nations with opportunities for deep understanding and forge new connections, emphasizing the influence of cultural heritage on contemporary life.

Through this program, we aim to create a vibrant and wide-ranging cultural exchange that will have a lasting impact on the Qatari and Moroccan communities.

Qatar-Morocco 2024 Year of Culture General Commissioner’s Statement

Adel El Fakir, the Qatar-Morocco 2024 Year of Culture General Commissioner, expresses that this event is a unique opportunity to reinforce the privileged relations between Qatar and Morocco.

With Morocco’s rich cultural heritage, diversity, and particularities, this partnership provides an exceptional platform to showcase the country’s unique secular status, deeply rooted in traditions while being open to the world.

The Qatar-Morocco 2024 Year of Culture aims to introduce this cultural richness to Qatar and the world, creating a memorable and inspiring experience for all.

Highlights of Qatar-Morocco 2024 Year of Culture Program

The Qatar-Morocco 2024 Year of Culture program is set to showcase a wide array of exciting events and experiences that celebrate the cultural exchange between the two nations. Here are some of the highlights of the program that you don’t want to miss:

1. Photography Journey: As the longest-running exchange program, the Photography Journey brings together talented photographers from Qatar and Morocco. Through their lenses, they capture the unique perspectives of cultural diversity, showcasing the beauty and richness of both nations.

2. Artisan Residencies and Workshops: Explore the shared traditions of arts and craftsmanship with the artisan residencies and public workshops. These immersive experiences provide a platform for artists from both countries to exchange knowledge, techniques, and inspirations, creating meaningful connections and fostering cultural appreciation.

3. Major Exhibitions: Immerse yourself in the visual delights of major exhibitions that will be organized throughout the year. These exhibitions will showcase the cultural heritage, artistic expressions, and contemporary creativity of Qatar and Morocco, offering a glimpse into the vibrant artistic scenes of both nations.

4. Culinary Experiences: Indulge in a culinary journey that highlights the flavors and gastronomic traditions of both Qatar and Morocco. Through culinary experiences, you will have the opportunity to savor the diverse cuisines, taste authentic dishes, and explore the cultural significance of food in both nations.

5. Sporting Events: Engage in the excitement of sporting events that bring together athletes from Qatar and Morocco. These events not only demonstrate the prowess and passion for sports but also promote cultural exchange and friendship between the two nations through competition and camaraderie.

With a diverse range of programs, the Qatar-Morocco 2024 Year of Culture aims to create lasting impressions and forge stronger bonds between the people of both nations. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary celebration of cultural exchange!

Design Doha Biennial Collaboration with Moroccan Designers

In an exciting partnership that highlights excellence and innovation in the design community, the Design Doha biennial will collaborate with talented Moroccan designers as part of the Qatar-Morocco 2024 Year of Culture. This collaboration aims to provide a platform for practitioners from the Arab world, giving them the opportunity to build professional pathways and engage with acclaimed design professionals from around the globe.

The participation of Moroccan designers will add a unique touch to the Design Doha biennial, showcasing the rich creativity and cultural heritage of the Arab world. This collaboration will further promote cultural exchange and introduce new perspectives to the design community.

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