Qatar Health Card Renewal: Quick Guide

Qatar medical card

Qatar’s access to quality healthcare services is facilitated through the Ministry of Public Health, also known as the Hamad Card. Renewing your Health Card offers many advantages, including subsidized consultations, prescriptions, and access to government facilities.

Whether you’re an expatriate or a Qatari national, renewing your Health Card is imperative to maintain uninterrupted access to quality healthcare.

Benefits of Qatar Health Card

The Qatar Health Card, or Hamad Card, offers numerous advantages:

  • Subsidized Consultations and Prescriptions: Holders can access consultations and prescriptions at subsidized rates in government healthcare facilities, ensuring affordable healthcare.
  • Medication Benefits: By presenting the Health Card at government-run pharmacies, individuals can obtain medications at subsidized rates, enhancing accessibility to essential drugs.
  • Complementary to Private Medical Insurance: Even with private medical insurance, the Health Card is a supplementary resource for accessing government healthcare facilities, providing added security and affordability.
how to renew health card in qatar
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How to Renew Qatar Health Card Online

Renewing your Qatar Health Card online is a seamless process:

  1. Visit the Health Card E-Service page on the Qatar Government Portal (Hukoomi).
  2. Enter your Qatar Identification Number (QID) for identity verification.
  3. Select the “Renew (Update Expiry Date)” option and proceed to the application form.
  4. Fill out the form accurately and review the information before submission.
  5. Confirm payment details for the renewal fee.
  6. Upon successful payment, receive confirmation of the updated expiry date.

How to Renew Qatar Health Card Offline

For those preferring face-to-face interactions, renewing the Health Card offline is a viable option:

  1. During working hours, visit any HMC facility or Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) center.
  2. Bring your valid Qatar ID, expired Health Card, and payment method.

Please ensure you have the following documents when renewing your health card offline:

  • For Qatari adults: Please bring a copy of your valid ID or passport and a passport-size photo (4cmx3cm).
  • For Qatari children: Provide the ID number and ID health card.
  • For GCC national adults/children: Bring a copy of your ID with Qatar’s personal identity number and the old health card.
  • For adult residents: Present your QID with a valid residence permit and ID health card.
  • For children residents: Provide your QID with a valid residence permit, an old health card, and your sponsor’s original QID.
  • For domestic staff: Bring your QID with a valid residence permit, ID health card, and the original QID of your sponsor.

3. Submit the necessary documents and make the payment, preferably in cash.
4. The system will update the expiry date, ensuring continued access to subsidized healthcare services.

Please note the renewal costs are as follows:

  • Expatriate residents (adults or children): QAR 100
  • Qatari citizens (adults or children): QAR 50
  • GCC nationals (adults or children): QAR 50
  • Domestic staff: QAR 50


Renewing your Qatar Health Card ensures continued access to quality healthcare services at subsidized rates. Whether renewing online or offline, the process is straightforward, providing individuals with peace of mind regarding their healthcare coverage.

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